The Super Junior Moment.

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 The Fancafe Moment.

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Messages : 140
Date d'inscription : 27/10/2008
Age : 28
Localisation : Dans les bras de Dong Hae of course !! x)

The Super Junior Moment
SuJu préféré: DongHae & KyuHyun
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Musique du moment: Super Junior M - Me

MessageSujet: The Fancafe Moment.   Jeu 8 Jan - 17:46


Citation :
    MOOD: [Best~ (ºㅁ º )=b]
    TITLE: 김 영 운 (Kim Youngwoon)
    DATE: 2008.11.20 / 21:45

    Although I’d like to leave a message on every website about me..
    But if I do that, it’d be too tiring so everyone please understand with a kind heart

    The musical with lots of talk and problems has finally ended
    Although I felt that I learnt a lot of things
    But the most important thing I’ve gained through this was
    That is, Kangin

    ‘Words that can’t be said between men and will break angry dreams into pieces, just like a scene out of a fanfic’
    Perhaps everyone will think it this way, but

    Because of this and that, it created lots of agony, I used up at least a dozen handkerchiefs to wipe off Youngchoon’s tears..
    The poisoned, sharp words of the noble reporters were wounds to our hearts, even if it hurt our hearts, it filled us with pain

    Regardless if it was this way or that way
    (This period) To me, made me realize something important

    Our Youngchoon

    ‘Bending his arms inwards’

    I smack and swear at him
    But no matter where he was hurt, I will still not see him losing his temper (-┏)
    His stature as big as Namsan, his strength as powerful as an ox, but just like a child tattling away.. ㅋㅋ
    An adorable dongsaeng with deep affections and lots of tears


    The various staff and actors have all worked hard
    I would also like to thank all those reporters who have given me support and allowed me to muster up courage
    The fans who have turned into the audience to cheer for us, all Koreans, thank you
    Ah.. Those overseas fans who come by occasionally, SONGU (in English) ALIGADU (in Japanese) XUEXIE (in Chinese) KOUKUKA (in Vietnamese or Thai) BANGSA (in alien language) etc

    Because the Earth is round, so if I frequently go around, all the kids in the world will meet

    And now I’m left with ‘JoAhSeo’ and ‘BAP’!

    ‘BAP’ is the short form for ‘Band of Brothers’
    Because I’m lazy to write it as ‘B.O.B’ so I’ll cut it short to ‘BAP’ (-┏)

    Everyone BYE BYE (-_-)/

    Please don’t get angry because I’m only leaving a message here
    We are one, please share ㄱㄱ

    Crédit : Superduperlove


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The Fancafe Moment.
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